Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate AR to to my existing art / photo ?
Yes you can, please contact us so we can discuss how we can help you.

Are there any limitations on the size or duration of the videos that can be integrated?

There may be limitations on the size or duration of videos that can be integrated, depending on technical considerations. We will inform you of any specific limitations based on your project requirements. check the tips and tricks section for more details.

Can I update or modify the AR-integrated content in the future?

Yes, we can accommodate updates or modifications to the AR-integrated content in the future. Please contact us, and we will guide you through the process.

What level of customer support do you provide during and after the AR integration process?

We provide comprehensive customer support throughout the AR integration process. Our team will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have during and after the project.

What file formats do you accept for photos and videos?

We accept various file formats for photos and videos, including popular formats such as JPEG, PNG, MP4, and MOV, among others.

Do you offer any additional services, such as image or video editing, to enhance the AR integration?

No, our services primarily focus on AR integration. However, we can discuss any specific requirements you have, and if feasible, we may be able to provide limited image or video editing services as part of the AR integration process.

Will I receive a preview of the AR-integrated content before finalising the project?

Yes, we provide a preview of the AR-integrated content for your review and approval before finalising the project. This ensures that you are satisfied with the result.

How do I submit my photos and videos for AR integration?

You can submit your photos and videos to us electronically through our secure online platform or via file transfer methods such as cloud storage or email.

How does the AR integration work with my photos or videos?

Our AR integration process involves overlaying a digital layer onto your photos or videos. When viewed through a smartphone or tablet, the AR layer activates and plays the designated video within the photo or video frame.

 What are the benefits of integrating AR into my photos and videos?

AR integration adds an interactive and immersive element to your visual content. It engages viewers in a unique way, creating a memorable and captivating experience. It can help you stand out, showcase your creativity, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

What types of businesses or individuals can benefit from AR integration?

Our services cater to a wide range of professionals, including artists, photographers, and business owners. Whether you want to enhance your artwork, showcase your portfolio, or create interactive marketing materials, AR integration can add value to your visual content.

Can you provide examples of how AR integration has been used in the past?

Certainly! We have worked with various clients to integrate AR into their photos and videos. For instance, artists have used AR to bring their paintings to life, photographers have added interactive elements to their portfolios, and businesses have used AR to showcase their products in an engaging way.

What are the costs associated with AR integration services?

Yes, we have associated costs for our AR integration services. We can provide you with detailed pricing information based on the specifics of your project. if you are a one time buyer you can check the prices in the order section.

Do I need any specific technical knowledge or equipment to use ArtQuix Augmented reality integration services?

No, you don’t need any technical expertise or special equipment. Our AR integration is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. We take care of the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on your creative vision.

How long does the AR integration process typically take?

The duration of the AR integration process depends on the complexity of your project and the number of photos or videos involved. We strive to deliver efficient and timely results, and we can provide you with an estimated timeline once we understand the specifics of your project.

Can I customize the AR experience for my photos or videos?

Absolutely! We believe in tailoring the AR experience to your unique vision. You can discuss your requirements and preferences with our team, and we will work closely with you to ensure that the final AR integration aligns with your creative goals.

Can I choose the videos that will play within my photos?

Yes, you have full control over the videos that play within your photos. You can provide us with the videos you want to integrate and we will incorporate them seamlessly into the AR layer.

Will the AR integration affect the quality or resolution of my photos or videos?

No, our AR integration process is designed to maintain the quality and resolution of your original visual content. We use advanced techniques to ensure that the AR layer blends seamlessly with your photos or videos, without compromising their clarity or sharpness.

How will the integrated AR content be viewed by others?

The integrated AR content can be viewed by others using a smartphone or tablet. We provide instructions or a dedicated app for accessing the AR experience, ensuring that your audience can easily engage with your augmented content.


Do you provide an e-commerce marketplace for selling AR-integrated photos and products?

Yes, we offer an online e-commerce marketplace where you can sell your AR-integrated photos and products. Our marketplace provides a convenient platform for showcasing and selling your creations to a wider audience.

How does the e-commerce marketplace work, and what services do you handle?

Our e-commerce marketplace handles the marketing, printing, and shipping processes. Once you upload your AR-integrated photos or products, we take care of promoting them, printing any physical items if required, and shipping them to customers. You can focus on creating while we handle the logistics.

Do I need a QR code all the time ?
It depends on how you access the AR work.
if you decide to access the AR work without an APP download you will need a QR code to prompt the work.
If you decided use the “ARTQUIX AR” app you need a QR code just once for each AR work you want to witness unless you clear the app data.

What printing methods do you use for the AR-integrated products?

We utilise professional printing methods that ensure high-quality output for the Augmented reality Art/ Photo products. The specific printing methods used may vary based on the type of product and material selected. we have range of products scaled up to museum quality prints.

Can I choose the printing materials and finishes for my AR integrated products?

Yes, you can choose from a range of printing materials and finishes for your AR integrated products. We offer various options such as matte, glossy or museum grade finishes as well as different paper types and other materials based on your preferences and requirements.

Do you offer different sizes and formats for printing?

Yes, we offer a variety of sizes and formats for printing the content. we can accommodate your needs. Additionally, we can discuss options for printing on canvas, metal, acrylic or other specialty materials for a unique presentation as well as framing.
Please contact us if you are interested in options not included in the default market space options we will help to facilitate your request.

Do you ensure colour accuracy and quality control during the printing process?

Yes, we have partnered with entities who has stringent quality control measures in place to ensure colour accuracy and maintain the highest quality standards during the printing process. Professional grade equipment and employ colour calibration techniques to achieve consistent and accurate results are been used.

Are there any limitations on the type of AR work or content that can be printed?

While we strive to accommodate a wide range of AR work and content, there may be certain limitations depending on the printing methods and materials selected. For example, intricate details or extremely large sizes may require special considerations. We encourage you to discuss the specifics of your artwork / photo  with us and we will work together to find the best printing solution.

Can I have different printing options for different products in my store ?

Yes, you can have different printing options for different products within your store. We offer customisation options for each item, allowing you to choose materials, finishes, and sizes that best suit your preferences and artistic vision.

Are the Papers and Frames sustainable and/or certified?

Yes, Our printing partners responsibly sourced FSC certified products from sustainably managed forests where available.


Do you offer worldwide shipping for the AR products?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping for the AR products. Regardless of your location, we can deliver your orders to your desired destination.

What shipping methods do you use to deliver the AR products?

We utilise various reliable shipping methods to deliver the AR-integrated products, including trusted courier services. The specific shipping method will depend on factors such as destination, package size and customer preferences if any.

How long does it typically take for the AR products to be shipped and delivered?

The Printing will be done in 24 hours. The shipping duration can vary depending on the destination and shipping method selected. Generally, domestic shipments may take 2-7 business days, while international shipments may take 7-14 business days for delivery. Please note that these are estimated time frames and can vary based on factors beyond our control, such as customs procedures and few unavoidable circumstances.

Can I track the shipment?

Yes, we provide shipment tracking for your AR products. Once your order is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number or link that you can use to monitor the progress of your shipment.

What are the shipping costs associated with delivering ?
Shipping costs can vary based on the destination, package weight, and shipping method chosen. We strive to provide competitive shipping rates, and the exact costs will be calculated and communicated to you before finalising your order and posted on the Store

Do you provide insurance or any guarantees for the safe delivery of the AR-integrated products? ( PLEASE CHECK WITH GELATO IF THEY OFFER INSURANCE )

Yes, we have partnered with few printing and logistic partners, they offer insurance and guarantees for the safe delivery of the AR-integrated products. We take measures to ensure proper packaging and handling, and in the unlikely event of damage or loss during shipping, we will work with you to resolve the issue and provide a suitable solution.

Can I request expedited shipping for my orders?

Yes, we offer expedited shipping options for your orders. If you require faster delivery, we can discuss the available expedited shipping services and provide you with the associated costs.

How do you handle customs and duties for international shipments?

For international shipments, customs and duties may apply based on the destination country’s regulations. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay any applicable customs fees or duties. We will provide the necessary documentation and information to facilitate customs clearance upon request but the customer is responsible for any additional fees imposed by customs authorities.

What if a product is damaged / lost ?

For damaged orders, report the issue within 7 days on the order page. Provide a description, packaging details, and pictures of the damaged item. If there are multiple items, mention if you need reprints for all of them. get hold of our customer service at earliest.

Please provide a description of the issue and packaging details. Include pictures of the damaged item(s) and its packaging. The pictures are crucial for our internal reporting and investigation. We will inquire if the package itself is damaged and request photo evidence. We conduct an internal investigation with our partners to prevent future occurrences and implement necessary improvements. Your cooperation in answering questions and providing valuable pictures is greatly appreciated.

for lost Order in Shipping & Delivery: Contact us within 14 days of the estimated delivery date if your order is lost during transit. We’ll send a replacement order unless you prefer a refund.

To request a replacement for a lost package, make sure:

  • The provided address is accurate and complete.
  • Your customer contacts their local post office or shipping carrier.
  • The order isn’t marked as delivered.
  • The Estimated Delivery Date has passed with no recent tracking updates.

Please note that we may need to confirm the loss with the shipping provider
Please refer to our privacy policy about refunds as not all services are refundable. how ever we have ensured re-printing as a kind gesture

Can I have multiple shipping addresses for different orders?

Yes, you can have multiple shipping addresses for different orders. we recommend you do complete the orders independently.

How can I join the ArtQuix  marketplace as a vendor and run my own store ?

To join our AR marketplace as a vendor, you can visit our website and navigate to the vendor registration page. Fill out the required information, including your contact details, artist bio, portfolio, and any relevant links or samples of your AR art. Once you submit the form, our team will review your application and get back to you with further instructions.
you can use the below link to register.

How much does it cost to open a store in the ArtQuix Market place ?
It is absolutely free.

I do not have a AR Work, but i want to join the Market place can i ?
Yes, we will assist you with converting your work to AR so that you can list it in the market place. contact us if you are interested via

What do i have to provide to be part?

You will be providing us the Digital contents which require integration to AR and we will take care of the rest. if you decide to open a store in the market place , we will handle the printing and shipping for you

What level of customer support do you provide during and after opening the store?

We provide comprehensive customer support throughout your journey with us. Our team will be available to address any questions or concerns you may have during and after the projects.

What types of art/photos can I sell on the ArtQuix marketplace?

Our marketplace accepts various forms of digital art / photo that can be experienced through augmented reality technology. This includes interactive installations, immersive experiences, virtual galleries and other digital artworks that can be viewed and interacted with using AR-enabled devices.

Do I need any specific technical skills to create Augmented reality Art /Photo for the marketplace?
No, you don’t need any technical expertise or special equipment. Our AR integration is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. We take care of the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on your creative vision. We encourage artists with varying levels of technical expertise to participate.While having technical skills in animation and cinematography ,  programming can be advantageous, it is not necessarily a requirement.

How are sales and transactions handled on the ArtQuix marketplace?

When a buyer is interested in purchasing your Augmented reality work, our marketplace handles the transaction process. We offer a secure payment system, enabling buyers to make direct purchases on the platform. Once a sale is made, you’ll receive a notification. We’ve automated the withdrawal process, allowing you to withdraw your funds whenever you wish. To maintain the value of your transactions, we have set a minimum withdrawal limit. We recommend integrating PayPal for faster and easier transactions.


Do you offer printing and shipping ?
Yes, we take care of Printing, Shipping, storage and related logistics for you so you can focus on creating the best AR Work

What pricing options are available for my AR Work?

As a vendor, you have control over setting the prices for your AR works. You can determine the pricing based on factors such as the complexity of the artwork, your reputation as an artist, market demand and any other considerations you find relevant. It’s essential to strike a balance between setting a price that reflects the value of your work and being competitive within the AR art marketplace.

How do I protect my intellectual property rights on the AR marketplace?

Protecting your intellectual property rights is important. As a vendor, you retain the copyright and ownership of your AR work. Our marketplace includes terms and conditions that outline the rights and responsibilities of both artists and buyers. Additionally, we employ measures to prevent unauthorised reproduction or distribution of your artwork without your consent beyond the limit you set on your store. However, it’s always a good practice to watermark or digitally sign your AR work to help deter unauthorised use as we cannot track or take responsibility of the usage of the art / photo after its purchased by the buyer.


Can I sell limited editions or one-of-a-kind AR artworks on the marketplace?

Yes, you can sell limited editions or one-of a kind AR artworks on our marketplace. When listing your artwork, you can specify the edition size or indicate if it’s a unique piece. This allows buyers to understand the exclusivity of the artwork and make informed purchasing decisions.
how ever we are unable to offer features such as certificates, hand numbering, or branded material in the packaging unless you contact us with your need and we can work together to facilitate it.

Are there any guidelines or restrictions on the content of AR artworks?

While we encourage artistic freedom, there may be guidelines and restrictions to ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards. These guidelines typically include restrictions on explicit or offensive content, copyrighted material infringement, or any content that promotes hate speech or illegal activities. Please refer to our marketplace’s content guidelines for specific details.

Can I update or modify my AR artworks after they are listed on the marketplace?

Yes, you can update or modify your AR works after they are listed on the marketplace. If you make significant changes or updates please be mindful to inform us before hand. it’s also generally a good practice to inform potential buyers about the modifications in the AR work description. This helps maintain transparency and clarity for interested buyers

What are the technical requirements for buyers to experience my AR works?

To experience AR works  buyers typically need a smartphone or tablet. It’s important to specify the supported platforms (e.g., iOS, Android) and any additional requirements, such as specific versions of operating systems in the artwork description to ensure buyers can fully enjoy your AR creations. The buyer can choose to enjoy the AR work with or without an App download depending on the phone they use.

How do I handle customer support inquiries or issues related to my AR work?

If buyers have inquiries or encounter issues related to your AR work, we have a dedicated customer support team to assist them. You can communicate with the customer support team to resolve any concerns or address questions that buyers may have. Timely and helpful support enhances the overall buying experience and fosters customer satisfaction.

Can my customer change or cancel the order after it was placed?

unfortunately it’s not possible to change or cancel the order once its sent for printing, how ever if you contact us before printing we could accommodate your request. we cannot give you a time period for this as it varies.

Package Marked as “Delivered” but Not Received:

If the package is marked as delivered but not received, it may have been left at the doorstep or received by someone else. Advise checking for delivery notes or contacting the shipping provider for details.

We cannot verify receipt, so no refund or free replacement is available if tracking shows delivery. You can place a paid reorder for a replacement.

Does ArtQuix offer free samples ?
We currently do not offer free samples of our products. we recommend you to place an order for you to check the product for your self so you are confident with your product.
contact us so we can create a custom order for you.

Can I offer custom or commissioned AR work through the marketplace? ( remove this if we cannot do this with Dokan )

Yes, you can offer custom or commissioned AR works through our marketplace. Many artists and photographers find this an exciting opportunity to collaborate with buyers and create personalised AR experiences. You can establish your terms, pricing, and timeline for custom projects and communicate with potential clients through our platform to finalise the details.


If i am not an artist or a photographer can i still sell AR products in the AR market place ?
Yes you can, for this you will need the initial Art/ Photo you would want to sell. This can be obtained by partnering with an artist or photographer who will provide the legal rights and license to do so. if you do not have the above mentioned please do contact us as we can find you partners and AR work space. we will support you through the journey.


Do you offer any bulk pricing or discounts for multiple projects?

Yes, we offer bulk pricing or discounts for multiple projects. The specifics will depend on the scope and scale of your projects. Please reach out to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with the relevant pricing details.

How much does ArtQuix charge from the artist / photographer for the service in the Market place?
in order for us to provide a high quality service to the buyer and the vendor including logistics not limited to printing, shipping ,digital and physical storage we charge 15-30% depending the project and the value of the AR work. 

Will I retain full copyrights to my original artwork or content after integrating AR?

Yes, you will retain full copyrights to your original artwork or content even after integrating AR. We provide the AR integration service without claiming any ownership or rights to your creations.

How do you ensure that my copyrights are protected throughout the AR integration process?

We prioritise the protection of your copyrights. Our team operates under strict confidentiality agreements and we implement measures to safeguard your intellectual property throughout the AR integration process. We the “ArtQuix” will not claim any copyrights or ownership of your final product.

Will my data or designs be shared with others ?
No, we will not share your designs and work with others unless you allow us to do so.  your confidentiality is respected and we take all possibly measures to protect it.
how ever we will be sharing limited information with our partnered service providers to ensure the best outcome in your project. This does not limit to storing your data in secure servers, Printing establishments , shipping companies etc. by accepting the privacy policy and conditions you agree for us to do so in a secure way.

Will you use my AR-integrated content for promotional purposes without my consent?

No, we will not use your AR-integrated content for promotional purposes without your explicit consent. We respect your rights as the creator and will always seek your permission for any promotional activities involving your content. But please keep in mind that according to our privacy policy by default you will be consenting us to use your AR work for marketing purpose unless you inform us to not do.

Can I  watermark or add my signature to the AR-integrated photos or videos?

Yes, you can watermark or add your signature to the AR-integrated photos or videos if you desire. We can discuss the placement and design of the watermark or signature to ensure it aligns with your preferences. we will be integrating the exact content designs you provide. 

Do you have any agreements or contracts to confirm the ownership of the copyrights?

Yes, we have agreements and contracts that confirm and protect the ownership of the copyrights.
our Privacy policy mentions about this. by accepting it and submitting your work for AR integration you and ArtQuix automatically accepts the terms. These agreements and policies  ensure that your rights as the creator are upheld. please do visit the privacy policy page to have the latest information.

What are the consequences of uploading copyrighted content, including but not limited to cartoon characters, paintings, or photographs, to ArtQuix without the owner’s consent or proper license?
By uploading content to ArtQuix, you are responsible for its legality and may face monetary damages if it is determined that you wrongly assumed “fair use” for certain content. If we receive a copyright infringement notice regarding material uploaded to ArtQuix Marketplace, we will promptly remove or disable access to such content as required by law. Repeat infringers may have their accounts terminated in accordance with applicable law or at our discretion for severe violations of third-party rights.


Is it essential to register as a business before buying business packages?
No.Once you register & created a profile for you, one of our business consultant will contact you via email.
Also you can buy the business package. While buying the business package, automatically a profile will be created.

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